Anonymous asked:
I don't think the people here are trying to make you feel bad, it's just really not cool not to credit the art!

oh most of them definitely are trying to make me feel bad - i mean, swearing and other such bullshit can’t really be misinterpreted as niceness. but the thing is, i don’t give a shit - and i blatantly don’t care about what everyone thinks. If someone thinks the art is missing the credit, they should add it. i have never claimed the art as my own, so i don’t see the issue here. 

Anonymous asked:
Could you please give the fuck you banner in pink artist her credit? Its tales from the creeps. She works really hard on her work and she every other artist would like credit. She actually posted on the picture but somehow it was removed

I am not taking away any credit from talesfromthecreeps, apart from the credit for making it transparent, which belongs to me. I am very sorry it was removed, and she should just post it again if she wants to. 

sinking-ap0l0gies asked:
these anons really need to shut the fuck up.

Thankyou - but seriously, if you want to make me feel like shit its not really working. I mean, my production process will slow down for a while because of all the bullshit, but its not going to affect me all that much in the long run. THANKYOU FOR YOUR WORDSSSSS they’ve pretty much won over all the assholeanons <3

Anonymous asked:
I feel bad for the people who worked hard on their art for you to steal it and claim it as yours even though all you did was make it transparent, which is easy as shit to do

a.) I claim the transparent work I’ve done on the image as mine, yes. Because, guess whhaattt? IT IS.

b.) If you don’t like the fact that I made the image transparent, don’t go on my blog. Don’t belittle my work. If you feel it is so ‘easy as shit to do’, do it. I’ll be here, watching you succeed… or fail.